True, False, Maybe

Boolean constants.

Use Maybe when the boolean result is undetermined.

And, Or, Not

Logical operators.

And and Or are multivariate:

["And", "x", "y", "z"]

Equal, NotEqual

Equal - Mathematical relationship asserting that two quantities have the same value.

["NotEqual, "x"] is equivalent to ["Not", ["Equal", "x"]). Q28113351

Equal and NotEqual are multivariates.

Compare with Same which returns true only when two expressions are structural identical.

["Same", ["Add", 2, 3], 5]]
// ➔ False

["Equal", ["Add", 2, 3], 5]
// ➔ True


Compare two numerical expressions.

  • Less
  • LessEqual
  • Greater
  • GreaterEqual

Equivalent, Implies

Logical equivalence and logical implication between two expressions.