Source Code


Cortex source code is using the UTF-8 Unicode encoding in NFC form.

Unicode codepoints that are not in NFC form can be represented in strings using escape sequences.

A stream or file containing Cortex source code may begin with a UTF-8 BOM, that is the byte sequence 0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF. If present, the BOM is ignored.

When modifying a Cortex source file, if it had a BOM when read, it should include the BOM when written. This is important to avoid spurious changes when using source code control tools.

File Extension

When stored in a file, the file extension is .cortex or .cx.


The recommended MIME media type for Cortex source code is text/cortex.

Hashbang Comment

A Hashbang Comment can be included as the first line of a Cortex source file prefixed with #!. Its content indicate the command line interpreter to use: