Math Virtual Keyboard

Typing math requires access to many special symbols. While keyboard shortcuts and inline shortcuts can help when a physical keyboard is available, touch-enabled devices without a physical keyboard attached need another solution.

The math virtual keyboard is a keyboard displayed on screen that gives access to specialized symbols for math input with only a tap.

Layout Selector

The math keyboard includes multiple layouts which you can select with the layout selector.

The default layouts include the most common math symbols. They are: numeric, symbols, alphabetic and greek letters.


The Editing Toolbar display icons for common editing functions: Undo, Redo, Paste, Cut and Copy.

If you have a physical keyboard attached, these commands can be invoked with their corresponding keybindings: Ctrl/Command+Z, Ctrl/Command+Y, Ctrl/Command+V, Ctrl/Command+X and Ctrl/Command+C.

Shift Key

Press the Shift Key to access alternative symbols. The keyboard updates when the key is pressed to reveal the symbols.

If you have a physical keyboard, you can also press the SHIFT or CAPSLOCK key on the physical keyboard.

The symbol corresponding to the shifted variant is displayed in the top right corner of some keys. Some keys have a shifted variant even though they may not include a top-right label.


A key variant is a symbol that can be accessed by a long press on a keycap. The variant is often related to the original symbol.

To display variants related to a keycap, press and hold the keycap.

Many keycaps have variants, but a few don’t.

Numeric Layout

Numeric Keyboard

Numeric Keyboard

Numeric Keyboard, shifted

Symbols Layout

Symbols Keyboard

Symbols Keyboard, shifted

Alphabetic Layout

Greek Layout