Reporting Issues

Contributing Ideas and Feature Requests

To request new features use the GitHub issue tracker:

If you do see an existing issue similar to your idea, comment on it or add a 👍.

How to Report an Issue?

To report a problem or something that doesn’t behave the way you think it should, please file an issue in GitHub.

Avoid filing duplicates, but you can add a comment to an existing issue if you’d like.

What Happens After I File an Issue?

  • Once a developer has started working on the issue, the issue will be assigned to them.
  • Once an issue has been resolved, it is closed. Avoid commentting on closed issues, but you can re-open them if necessary, or file a new issue referencing an old one.

Issues may be tagged with the following:

  • high priority: Catastrophic issue that impacts many users
  • medium priority: Regression or issues that impact a significant number of users
  • low priority: Low severity (minor cosmetic issue) or very few users impacted
  • no priority: No plan to fix the issue, but we will consider a fix if someone offers a pull request
  • good first issue: This is an issue that would be a good candidate for someone who has little experience with the code base
  • external: This is an issue that has a dependency on an external component (typically, a browser)
  • architecture: This is an issue that requires a significant architectural change
  • performance: This issue affects perceived or measurable performance
  • cleanup: Resolving this issue would improve the code base maintainability without adding new functionality
  • unable to reproduce the bug, as reported, could not be replicated by the developer. Additional information is necessary to continue investigating.
  • not a bug: The behavior described in the issue report is actually the intended behavior. This may be a usability issue, a documentation issue, or a disagreement regarding what the behavior should be.
  • fact of life: The issue cannot be resolved due to constraints of the browser, the OS, or the laws of physics.