a ready to use web component that works just like an HTML <textarea>, but for math.



MathLive includes a faithful JavaScript implementation of the TeX layout algorithms, the gold standard for typesetting of mathematical content.

Math Virtual Keyboards

MathLive comes with a virtual keyboard that supports LaTeX input. It is fully customizable and can be used in any web application.

E-Learning Adventures: Math that Takes You Places

Integrate MathLive into online courses, e-learning platforms, and educational websites to display math equations and formulas interactively.

Develop interactive quizzes and tests that involve math problems, making the learning experience more engaging

Science and Research Websites: Equation Experiments

Unleash your inner mad scientist! With MathLive, equations aren't just boring symbols; they're your laboratory assistants. Display scientific research findings, formulas, and equations on websites dedicated to scientific fields. ๐Ÿงช

Online Calculators

Build interactive calculators that allow users to input math equations and receive real-time calculations and results

Dynamic Documentation: Math with a Twist

No more snooze-worthy documentation! MathLive spices things up by turning complex equations into a visual journey. Your technical explanations just got a serious upgrade. ๐Ÿ“–

Math Enthusiast Blogs: Write Math, Write Magic

Calling all math storytellers! With MathLive, equations become the heroes of your blog. Craft captivating content that waltzes between math and magic, delighting readers along the way. โœจ